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graph TD style authentic_document_bundle fill:#606096,color:#fff e_id_doc("E-ID Document Frontend") e_id_idp("E-ID IdP") subgraph API Gateway api(("API")) core_bundle("Core Bundle") authentic_document_bundle("Authentic Document Bundle") end api --> core_bundle api --> authentic_document_bundle authentic_document_bundle --> core_bundle authentic_document_bundle --> e_id_doc e_id_doc --> e_id_idp authentic_document_bundle --> e_id_idp click e_id_doc "./#e-id-document-frontend" "by EGIZ" click e_id_idp "./#e-id-idp" "by EGIZ"


The E-ID Identity Provider

E-ID Document Frontend

The E-ID Document Frontend by EGIZ is accessed to request and receive authentic documents from the government.