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Mono CAMPUSonline Connector


flowchart LR subgraph Relay API Gateway mono_bundle["Mono Bundle"] mono_co_bundle["CAMPUSonline Connector"] end subgraph CAMPUSonline co_api["CAMPUSonline API"] end ldap_server["LDAP Server"] mono_bundle --> mono_co_bundle mono_co_bundle --> co_api mono_co_bundle --> ldap_server

The CAMPUSonline Connector currently provides support for paying the semester tuition fee.

It uses the CO APIs and LDAP to gather information about the authorized user and forwards this to the configured payment provider. Once the payment is completed the payment status is stored in CAMPUSonline (which, in Austria at least, will forward the information to the central tuition fee register)


    payment_types:        # Required
        # Prototype
            api_url:              ~ # Required
            client_id:            ~ # Required
            client_secret:        ~ # Required
            ldap_host:            ~ # Required
            ldap_base_dn:         ~ # Required
            ldap_username:        ~ # Required
            ldap_password:        ~ # Required
            # simple_tls uses port 636 and is sometimes referred to as "SSL", start_tls uses port 389 and is sometimes referred to as "TLS"
            ldap_encryption:      start_tls # One of "start_tls"; "simple_tls"
            ldap_identifier_attribute: ~ # Required
            ldap_obfuscated_id_attribute: ~ # Required
            ldap_given_name_attribute: ~
            ldap_family_name_attribute: ~